It’s just too damn hot!

It’s too hot to ride. You have to sweat your way through the valley to get to the mountains where it gets a little cooler with altitude.

At least we have the mountains. How do you guys ride your bikes in Texas or Arizona? Is it even possible? I have a wet-vest that I would use if I were to be out riding. It’s like a personal A/C system for about an hour. Then you’re all dry again and have to stop and soak the vest.

But that is one pleasant hour though!

Dirt-biking isn’t even on the radar right now. Dusty and hot and no way to escape the heat in the valley where most trails are. 4-wheeling isn’t that much fun either. You have to have the top on (the jeep), all windows closed and the A/C blasting.

So today I’m staying inside with the A/C on. Thinking about that winter is on its way and how great this one will be compared to the three crappy winters we just suffered through.

Today is a good day to plan for the winter. What sled should we get my son, if his other one sells? What modifications, if any, should I do to my sled? What mountain should I conquer this winter that I haven’t conquered yet?

Stuff like this keeps me cool today.