Finally! Some rain.

Being a Swede, I love weather. Any kind of weather is fine with me (unless I’m on vacation in Sweden and it rains all the time).

Living here in the high desert doesn’t offer much variation. It seems like it’s always sunny and hot. But it’s finally cooling down and the fall is working its way into the area. I love when it rains here. Or snows. Or whatever as long as it’s a little different from what it was yesterday and the day before yesterday.



We took advantage of the rain that we got today and went out for a 3 hour dirt bike ride with some friends. There was no dust. I like no dust! Especially since I prefer to ride last — I don’t like if someone is watching my silly-looking attempts at dirt biking 😉

John, who was leading was as usual set on finding every single-track trail with bottomless wet sand there is. And I got wiped out before we even made it 3 miles out. I hate sand. Being the 5th bike in line in wet sand is even worse. The sand is churned up like mashed potatoes and my front wheel just wants to go sideways.

The sand got the better of me a couple of times and I went down. That is the reason why I keep telling myself to go slow in the sand. And by doing that, I’m probably making sure I WILL plow and fall. No momentum. Sand scares me. Totally makes sense to live in the desert, right?