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10 reasons to NOT move back to Sweden

  1. The crappy weather
  2. The seriously crappy weather
  3. The really seriously crappy weather (except when it’s nice 😉
  4. There’s only 40 different kinds of cereal in the grocery store. I mean, who can survive with such a slim selection!
  5. The candy is so much better in Sweden. I would eat myself to death.
  6. Food portions are much smaller. My son, who’s growing, seems to need two portions and that gets expensive.
  7. Open areas I used to enjoy have houses on them now. I would have to find new trails!
  8. My Swedish language is 20+ years old. I sound like a dork here (too).
  9. Gas prices are ridiculous.
  10. I really, really like living in the US and my life here 😉

Just had to write this convince myself to stay in the US a little longer.